Take Your Dog to Work Day 2019 goes well


Take Your Dog to Work Day is a way to brighten up the workplace, and it does.

Take Your Dog to Work Day was Friday, and it went well.

CNBC reported that Amazon and Uber are some of the most dog-friendly companies in the US, along with more expected companies like PetcoPetSmart and Purina.

While Addie the Bulldog always comes to work, since she’s the mascot of the University of Redlands, a Division III school in Southern California, she made an extra special trip to various university offices to brighten the staff’s day.

She is the first female Bulldog to hold the position of mascot in Redlands history, according to the school’s website.

For writers, Take Your Dog to Work Day happens pretty much every day, but it’s still nice that it exists.

Wesley’s editor Valerie often brought her Yorkie Cooper into the newspaper office when he worked there in high school, and though journalism isn’t her main focus any more, she sometimes brings Cooper’s son Detroit into her office.

Mark Kristl, a contributor at the FanSided Network sites  Beyond the Flag and Hidden Remote , says keeping a work/life balance with two new Golden Retriever puppies is a challenge, because he’s distracted by wanting to play with them all the time, but then also they need someone to keep a constant eye on them.

“They think everything is a chew toy, they’re not house-broken, they don’t really know their names, and their attention spans are nonexistent.”

Blu can travel up the stairs without a problem, and go down them hesitantly. Maizey hasn’t mastered either of those skills yet, preferring to be carried whenever possible.

They also LOVE the huge array of things to chomp on and eat in the backyard.

On the plus side, they’ve learned that the crate is a safe place, and sleep most of the night through, from around 10:30 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Staff pup Troy and Kimberley went for a walk because it was a nice day, and sometimes that’s necessary.

Staff cat Rags helped Wesley with the day’s stories, which didn’t go as well as she thought it did. (The inside dogs don’t like to go into where he usually writes, there’s too much slippery hardwood floor in the hallway.)

Rookie the Batdog‘s dad Eric Lipsman took a moment to appreciate the legacy of the Trenton Thunder batdogs over the years.

This movie theatre in the Edmonton, Alberta, area is a day late, but Rocky is doing good work at the box office.

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We hope you had a fantastic Take Your Dog to Work Day this year, and if you weren’t able to participate, maybe next year will be better.