Pops gets his moment to shine in Secret Life of Pets 2 teaser on Instagram

Photo Credit: The Secret Life of Pets/Universal & Illumination Entertainment Image Acquired from Universal Pictures
Photo Credit: The Secret Life of Pets/Universal & Illumination Entertainment Image Acquired from Universal Pictures /

While Pops only had a small role to play in the first Secret Life of Pets, on Instagram, the sequel made sure to give the older pup a chance to shine.

In the original Secret Life of Pets, we met a plethora of animals, including a misunderstood bunny and an older, grumpy dog named Pops. And while that bunny, also known as Snowball, has moved on from being the bad guy of the bunch to a wannabe superhero, Pops remains a side character with so much personality that we can forgive him for not having a bigger part to play.

Although we still have a little while longer before we get to see what Secret Life of Pets 2 has in store for us and the characters at the heart of the story, on Instagram we are getting some teasers that include new and old characters alike. And one of those characters is none other than Pops, who gets his moment to shine in a video posted to the social media platform on May 15.

In the teaser for Secret Life of Pets 2, we get to see a puppy jumping all over Snowball in excitement. And even as he gets knocked over, he turns to Pops to find out who this new pup is and what all this licking is about. As the grumpy old pup is quick to explain, his owner went out and brought home a new puppy.

But perhaps the moment that had me laughing out loud (for real) was after the puppy (with tail wagging adorably behind him) reveals that his name is Tiny and Pops is quick to say, “nobody cares!” Pops makes this statement with such a fierce, grumpy determination that you just can’t help but giggle.

Honestly, this teaser had me excited to see more of Pops and the new puppy in his life, Tiny. I can’t wait to see if these two end up being the best of friends, and hopefully Pops is willing to take Tiny under his wing (or paw really) and helps him to fit in with the rest of the pets in the group.

Tiny is adorable and he may be exactly what the grumpy Pops needs to lighten up and have some fun. And perhaps this means that we will get a few more scenes with these two, as it really felt like we did not see enough of the grumpy, older dog in the first movie.

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What do you think of this Secret Life of Pets 2 teaser? Does it leave you wanting more? Which character are you hoping to see more of in the sequel? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.