Game of Thrones fans take to social media to ask about Ghost


The one rule of entertainment is that nothing happens to the dog, and Game of Thrones is no exception. Which is why fans were quick to take to social media over Ghost to learn what happened to him after the Battle of Winterfell.

When the third episode of Game of Thrones final season began, viewers were treated to a look at Ghost, who stood ready with the armies defending Winterfell. And we also watched as he ran into battle against the army of the undead. However, after that it seems that the direwolf vanished in light of the epic battle.

While Ghost is a fierce animal in his own right, as fans of the pup, we were still worried about his safety in the face of an undead army tearing through so many other fierce warriors. And it seems that we were not alone, as social media was quick to ask what happened to Ghost?

On Twitter, it did not take long for fans to ask where the direwolf was, asking if he was safe, and basically trying to figure what happened to the loyal companion. Some people made it clear that if something had happened to Ghost there would be chaos, some had APBs out for the pup, while still others reminded the world that pets should always be safe in TV shows and movies.

This person made it very clear that if anything happened to Ghost there would be riots and we totally understand where they are coming from.

Then there was this gem that was all about making sure every shelter in the area received a call looking for the missing direwolf. We are all for humor in a situation like this, and these tweets not only made us laugh, but they were also another sign of just how important animals really are to viewers.

Honestly, we all noticed. And none of us were okay. Ghost was one of our biggest worries of the entire episode.

And while the Game of Thrones episode itself never answers the question of what happened to Ghost during the Battle for Winterfell, luckily the preview for the fourth episode reveals that the direwolf survived the undead army after all. While it was a blink and you missed it clip in the preview, eagle-eyed viewers were quick to share their relief on social media, with many people trying to ease fans’ concerns.

Were we concerned? Of course we were. We can’t imagine something bad happening to Ghost, as it would break out hearts for real. And sure, we were worried about other characters, but really it is all about those pets and their safety.

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Thankfully Game of Thrones did not commit the ultimate sin and kill of their resident direwolf. As social media made it clear, losing Ghost would have been the ultimate betrayal.