Game of Thrones is the latest inspiration for dog names

(L to R) Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO
(L to R) Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO /

Pop culture is the perfect inspiration for us when it comes to naming our pups. And Game of Thrones is the latest to inspire the name game.

The final season of Game of Thrones is here and with it comes the end of an era (even as a prequel series is in the works). For many fans, these characters have become household names, as their stories become a part of our culture, far beyond our television screens. So, it should come as no surprise that many pet owners are turning to Game of Thrones for inspiration when it comes to naming their animals, particularly dogs.

According to WPXI 11 News, the dog walking app, Wag, compiled data of more than one million pups to come up with the top names inspired by the popular HBO series. And at the very top of the list, the most popular name for dogs inspired by Game of Thrones is Arya, followed closely by Sansa and Khaleesi.

Clearly the powerful women of the show are an inspiration for many pet owners and it is not surprising. After all, for many of us, we are rooting for a woman to sit the Iron Throne. So of course we would want to name our dogs after these characters.

These three women are not the only inspiration for dog parents, and some even chose the full name of characters such as Jon Snow, who is in the fourth spot in terms of popular dog names. (It makes sense that the full name would be used since Jon or Snow on their own wouldn’t necessarily seem like they were inspired by Game of Thrones.)

Other names that topped the list of popular dog names from the show included Cersei, Hodor, Tyrion, Bran, and Khal Drogo. Of course, there are plenty of other names that can also be used to honor the series and our pets. But these are definitely some of our favorites.

And yes, we have heard some of these names yelled out at the dog park, so we know that these Game of Thrones inspired names really are being used as inspiration. Of course, it is always funny when there are two Khaleesis running around in the park, because when a dog mom or dad yells for their pup you end up with four perked ears and a little bit of confusion.

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Have you taken inspiration from any pop culture crazes to name your pup? Which Game of Thrones name is your favorite for a dog? Tell us what you think in the comments.