Dog names inspired by pop culture that are funny but perfect for our pups

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 24: Dogs attend "A Sausage Dog Celebration" as part of London Dog Week at M Restaurant on March 24, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 24: Dogs attend "A Sausage Dog Celebration" as part of London Dog Week at M Restaurant on March 24, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images) /

When it comes to picking the perfect name for our pups, we take it very seriously. And sometimes choosing the perfect dog names means turning to pop culture.

You’ve adopted a new fur baby and want to pick just the right name. Whether your new addition to the family is a puppy or an older dog, finding the right dog names can be tricky. Even if naming seems like serious business, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with our inspiration.

And what better place to look for naming inspiration than the world of pop culture? Every year, more and more dog names pop up that are directly inspired by movies, comics, and popular TV shows. In fact, the American Kennel Club has compiled an entire collection of funny dog names that are all inspired by our obsession with all things pop culture.

Whether the names are a play off of a pop culture reference or directly taken from a movie or show, these are some of the most fun names we have seen in a long time. And you never know, you may end up deciding that one of these is the perfect moniker for your new pup.

Cookie Monster – Okay, this one is too cute but also a bit long. We already know if you went with this name, you would either end up using Cookie or Monster. And we think naming a pup after a Sesame Street character is a perfect choice.

Artoo Dogtoo – This play off of Star Wars‘ R2D2 is too cute not to make the list. And honestly, I would totally run with this name if I had the right dog to go with this awesome moniker.

Chewbacca – Another adorable name inspired by Star Wars is of course Chewbacca. Having met a few pups with this name, I also know that there are plenty of dog parents who don’t use the whole moniker and instead go with a variation like Chewie, which is perfect for the pup who has a bad habit of using their teeth.

Woofgang Puck – Fans of the Food Network may recognize this dog name, as it is clearly a play on Wolfgang Puck. This is a definitely a favorite as a fan of the channel and celebrity chefs.

Dogzilla – Godzilla fans why not go with Dogzilla. It is perfect for little dogs with big personalities, or big dogs with a bit of a clumsy nature. This is just such a fun name that we can’t resist.

EwokStar Wars really is a great inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect dog names. And the Ewok really are some of the fluffiest creatures, so why wouldn’t you want to name your new fluffy baby after them?

Muttley Cru – Honestly, this is too cute for words. I love when a dog parent has some fun with names and plays off of something else. This might just be too funny to take seriously, but clearly someone out there has a pup running around with this amazing name.

Groucho Barks – You know those dogs that seem to have the grumpiest facial expressions? Who else thinks this would be the perfect name for one of those pups? I am all about naming a pup Grouch Barks, especially if they are grumpy barkers.

Anderson Pooper – We are just going to apologize to Anderson Cooper now, because we love this name so much more than we probably should. This is too funny and cute now to love, and we are here for this humor.

Droolious Caesar – I know so many dogs that this name would be perfect for. And I am all for playing off of a classic Roman name. Bring on the drool with this perfectly puptastic name.

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What do you think of these pop culture inspired names for dogs? Do you think you would name a pup any of these riffs or would you go more traditional? Tell us what you think in the comments.