2019 Dog Oscars: Air Bud and others among the winners

Jake the Diamond Dog
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Yeah, we know the entertainment world is focused on the Oscars right now. But we want to know who won this year’s Dog Oscars.

Here at Dog O’Day, we like dogs. We also like movies (thus our movie reviews, and a good bit of our staff’s non-canine writing). The Oscars are perhaps the most important film awards of the year, and some well-deserved casts and crews will be rewarded.

But what about all the good boys and girls who filled the screens with lovable canine content in 2018?

That’s where the Dog Oscars come in.

They don’t actually exist, but the staff of the snarky sports/pop culture website The Ringer– which is essentially a reboot of the wonderful-and-now-defunct ESPN website Grantland – invented the 2019 Dog Oscars and handed them out last week.

The Award for Best Dog Ensemble went to the various doggos of Leave No Trace, which is a survivalist drama about a man and his daughter. Among these dogs are a trucker’s assistant named after country singer Willie Nelson and Boris the Collie, an emotional support service dog.

This seems like it should have gone to the animated Isle of Dogs, given the award’s title, but that’s just our opinion.

Dog Most Excited to See His Movie Family went to Borras from Roma, a black and white film from Netflix set in 1970s Mexico City. Borras’ main job is to be a guard dog and greeter, both of which he pursues with zeal and enthusiasm.

This is a solid pick.

Best Behavior by a Dog in a Movie went to Charlie, the real-life dog of actor Bradley Cooper (his Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Dave Bautista is also a dog lover). Charlie played the dog of Cooper’s character Jackson Maine in A Star is Born, and his devotion to his owner is plain to see.

We’re curious: Cooper’s character Jackson is a country musician like Luke Bryan and Scotty McCreery – did he write any songs about his pup?

Anyway, back to the awards…