Valentine’s Day is going to the dogs thanks to BarkBox

Every month BarkBox gives our dogs something new to enjoy thanks to their subscription service and their BarkShop. And this month they are taking on Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to spoiling our pups, we love the idea of giving them presents for the holidays (just like we get or want to get) and even treating them to special things. Luckily for us that’s where BarkBox comes in, as they are here with holiday themed subscription boxes, individual toys and treats. And Valentine’s Day is no different, as the company is clearly ready to show our pups lots of love.

Even if you don’t want to subscribe to BarkBox to get your dog a Valentine’s Day box, you can still snag them some holiday goodies at the BarkShop. The shop has everything from Strawberry Smoochies to Puppy Express Letters and so much more.

Who wouldn’t want to give their dog a plush bouquet of roses or a Shredible Arrangement? Now I am not saying we have to buy every single Valentine’s Day toy or treat they have to offer, but once you see everything you may not be able to help yourself.

As a subscriber to BarkBox, I know how much my own dog loves these toys and treats. And our pup is especially fond of the plush toys with squeakers, and the wide variety of yummy treats that come once a month. Plus, I have a tendency to jump on the BarkShop to grab a few extra things that I like and think he will too. So of course, getting a Friends Fur-Ever plush toy was exciting for him and for me.

If you check out the BarkShop’s Instagram page, you get to see plenty of pups enjoying their goodies from the shop (some of the toys and treats found in the BarkBox are also available for individual purchase in the shop, although not everything offered in the subscription is for sale). We love following the BarkBox and BarkShop social media accounts so we can enjoy all the pups as they get their goodies.

With Valentine’s Day so close, now is the perfect time to pick up a cute toy that reminds your pup that they really are the love of your life. And we bet they wouldn’t mind a few extra treats while you are at it.

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Do you subscribe to BarkBox or have you ever picked something up from the BarkShop? What do you think of this service and the treats and toys they offer? Tell us what you think in the comments and if you have any pictures of your pup enjoying their goodies, share with us on Twitter.

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