Water sports for dogs: Hang paw bro

Are you looking for alternate activity for your doggie? Well pack the wetsuit, and get your pooch to the beach for some water fun.

There are the usual games and excursions for your dog. Water sports however, are a game changer. If your fur baby loves to swim or get wet, then taking them to the beach or pool could be a wonderful place to get active.

First, if your dog isn’t into the water, these activities are not for them. Although, some fearful pups can benefit from a life jacket that provide an extra sense of security. If they do love the water, then these sports are great for training, discipline, and an overall challenge.

One of the most popular dog sports is Stand-up paddle boarding, also known as SUPing. The ride is on a wide long board with a paddle. You can stand and paddle while your dog takes the best view at the front of the board. Both of you will get plenty of sunshine and are not at risk of being wasted.

Dogs enjoy coasting on the water.

Next up, dock jumping. Now this may need practice and some experience. It’s where a dog jumps after a toy into a body of water. Your dog will need to get comfortable with jumping from a high height. Afterwards, the game play is just like fetch. In no time, your dog will be taking air after their favorite chew toy.

Similar to SUPing but much more difficult, surfing. Of course, most of the skill must come from you than your dog. Although, some dogs can go it alone when trained expertly. If you’re already a surfer, begin training your dog at a young age.

Get them comfortable with riding at the top of your board to start.

Then move to getting them wet with waves, so they become comfortable with riding through a barrel. It’s the speed of the board, and balance, that is most tricky. So orient your dog with small, not so strong waves, moving up to strong, swift barrels. Eventually your dog will be waking you up at five a.m. to catch the first swells.

Last but not least, kayaking and canoeing. While this seems self-explanatory there is some training involved. If you have a water dog, their first impulse is to jump into the water. So make sure to keep an eye on your dog, and tell them to pull back when they get to looking over the edge of the boat.

For water safety, make sure you build strong swimming skills if you intend to SUP, surf, or dock jump with your dog. When SUPing and surfing your dog is at risk of being swept into the ocean, so swimming skills are a must. Keep your dog hydrated if you wish to take them out to sea for a couple of hours, especially during the summer months. Always tend to your dog after water activity, by drying them off and bathing them after a beach day. This way their coats maintain and they’re kept warm to prevent sickness.

Regular play is fun, but water sports are of a different fold. So get out in the water, your dog’s waiting.

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