Will Trent’s fifth episode gave us a lot of drama and pain, plus a run with Betty

WILL TRENT - ÒCapt. Duke WagnerÕs DaughterÓ (Disney/Daniel Delgado Jr.)
WILL TRENT - ÒCapt. Duke WagnerÕs DaughterÓ (Disney/Daniel Delgado Jr.) SONJA SOHN, RAMîN RODRIGUEZ /

The fifth episode of Will Trent, “Capt. Duke Wagner’s Daughter,” was definitely a rough one for quite a few of our characters. Not only did we learn about a past case with Amanda that led to her almost being assaulted, but there was also false accusations, bad behavior of an officer, someone needing mental health treatment, and so much more. It was one of those episodes that was packed with emotional bombs throughout.

And if ever, there was a need for a Betty moment, this was it. This episode needed that small moment of doggy magic. Luckily, we got to see Betty more than once in this episode. However, our favorite was definitely the jog. While a lot happened during this jog, including a swat takedown that was false, the fact that Will not only took Betty for a jog, but had her in a doggy backpack on his back during the run was everything. (Honestly, we need to know more about the actual doggy backpack he used!)

Will Trent definitely knows when to give us lighter moments, but at the same time they do understand that, even in a serious moment, having Betty, there just feels right. This episode didn’t try to force that Betty moment, and instead made her addition to the storyline very seamless. It makes sense that when Will and Amanda are having a serious conversation Betty is at Will’s side. Not only that, but him sitting on the couch in the morning with Betty in his lap, waiting for Amanda, who he knows is about to sneak out of the house, is perfection.

WILL TRENT - ÒCapt. Duke Wagner's DaughterÓ - As threats against Amanda escalate, Will investigates, narrowing down a list of potential suspects. Amidst the tension, Amanda is forced to confront moments from her past. Meanwhile, Ormewood struggles in GinaÕs absence. TUESDAY, APRIL 2 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (Disney/Daniel Delgado Jr.) SONJA SOHN /

This was a rough episode, overall, but those small moments with Betty were just what we needed. They made sense, and they added that little touch of humanity as well. Sometimes we forget that Will Trent is not your average detective. His childhood and his dyslexia make him not the easiest person to get along with. And he doesn’t always know how to interact with other people. But when he has Betty with him, it’s like he is a different person. His softer side comes out, even if he’s not dealing with Betty directly. Just having Betty at his side makes all the difference for him.

We love a good Betty moment. And this episode definitely delivered multiple Betty moments. Here’s hoping that the next episode gives us even more of these small looks into who Will is outside of the GBI.

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