Will Petco be open for pet parents on Easter Sunday?

An exterior view of a Petco store in Bloomsburg...
An exterior view of a Petco store in Bloomsburg... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Easter Sunday this year has come quite early. In fact, March 31 is Easter and with how quickly this holiday snuck up on us, there are a lot of things that can fall threw the cracks. Maybe you were in such a rush to snag lamb or eggs or whatever else you needed for Sunday brunch or Easter dinner in the grocery store that you completely forgot that Fluffy was out of dog food or maybe Sir Meows-A-lot is completely out of litter.

No matter what may have happened or what you have run out of, a trip to Petco might need to happen. But are we actually able to head to Petco for our pet shopping needs? Will they be open for us?

According to the press email we received, "Petco pet care centers will be open on Easter (3/31) during regular hours this year, which may vary by location. Pet parents can view hours for their local store at

Petco is open on Easter Sunday for pet parents needing to do a quick run for supplies

Of course, if you don't have time to actually head to the store on Easter, that is okay too as there is always their website, which has a wide range of products and supplies to choose from. And there are options to pick up in store, get same day deliveries, and standard deliveries as well.

Obviously, with Petco being open on Easter Sunday, this gives pet parents plenty of options for last minute shopping and even just snagging weekly supplies. And if you forgot to grab those Easter treats for your dog or cat, they have you covered there too.

There are so many options in Petco stores for pet parents looking for supplies, treats, and more. So whatever you need they have you covered and they have you covered on Easter.

Are you surprised by the fact that Petco is open on Easter Sunday?

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