Why is my dog rolling on their back?

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When it comes to the little things that our dogs do that make us think they are so cute, one stands out amongst the rest. And that is when our pups roll on their backs. For a lot of us, we think of this as a way for them to tell us that they want belly rubs, but what if it is something else?

While seeing our dogs rolling on their backs is a truly adorable sight and can often times be a sign of wanting some love and scratches, there are other reasons that a dog will roll on their back. So what are those reasons? Why else would a pup roll on their back?

According to the American Kennel Club, paying attention to body language is important when it comes to your pup rolling on their back. And that is because there are other reasons that your dog will be rolling around.

Here are some reasons why your dog is rolling on their back

One reason your dog may be rolling around is because they want to play. This is something they will do when they are interacting with puppies or other dogs. And that makes perfect sense since it is a more friendly position.

Another reason behind your dog rolling on their back is as a sign of submission. It is what they do in order to show other dogs that they do not mean any harm.

However, another reason your dog might be rolling on their back is because they are letting you know that they are feeling a sense of anxiousness or fear. As the AKC explains, "A nervous dog will be stiff and tense or trembling, and they might urinate while they lie on their back. These are all signs your dog is uncomfortable with the current situation."

A fourth reason is because they are feeling hot or itchy. This can be how they scratch that itch, much like we do if we are rubbing our back against a corner to get a hard to reach spot on our own backs. The most important thing to pay attention to is whether or not they are excessively scratching or itching. And it is also what our pups do as a way to regulate their temperature.

The final reason that we are looking at and that is actually a bit gross is because they want to roll around in something smelly. That's right, our dog wants to roll on things that stink whether because they like the smell or because they want to "show off" what they found to other dogs.

Honestly, the reasons why our dogs are rolling on their backs are fascinating, because in a lot of ways it is about play or showing off how friendly they are. And it is good to pay attention to these things.

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