Which states have the most demand for veterinarians?

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Typically when we think about studies revolving around dogs and pets, we are thinking about the animals themselves. But what about the people who help us take care of our beloved pets? Thanks to a recent study, we actually learned some interesting information about veterinarians.

Veterinarians are the cornerstone of our pets' lives. They help us to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. And according to PetLab, a recent study has revealed just how in demand these professionals are. Not only that, but the study also made it clear where they are in demand.

In order to determine how in demand veterinarians are, the study looked at searches for local vets in every state. And by utilizing this information, they were able to determine where vets are the most in demand. Honestly, the results are fascinating to us, as we might not have expected some of these states.

Where are veterinarians the most in demand? And what state seems to be at the bottom of the list?

The state where vets are the most in demand is actually Colorado. On average, there are approximately 75,927 searches for veterinarians in the state, which was the "equivalent of 1,300 searches per 100,000 citizens." And that is a shockingly large number of searches for a state that doesn't necessarily have as large of a population as others.

Also at the top of the list, we had Michigan in second place, while West Virginia is in the third spot. Michigan averaged 130,099 searches, which may be more than Colorado, but based on population worked out to "1,297 searches per 100,000." And when looking at West Virginia, the information was similar with an average of 22,713 searches for vets per month, which in turn equated to a n average of 1,280 searches per 100,000 people.

To round out the top five, we have North Carolina in the fourth spot and Arizona was in fifth. And it is interesting to see where vets are most searched for.

Knowing that these states had the most demand for veterinarians, it was also interesting to learn where the demand was at its lowest. And surprisingly that was actually Hawaii. For this state, there were just "6,395 monthly Google searches, or just 444 searches per 100,000 residents."

Honestly, every state needs veterinarians and every pet owner does as well. This study simply breaks it down for us to learn exactly what the demand across the country is for vets and where they are the most in need.

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