Which puppy won the MVP title at the Puppy Bowl 2024?

Moosh. Image courtesy Animal Planet © 2023 Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.
Moosh. Image courtesy Animal Planet © 2023 Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. /

The Puppy Bowl for 2024 was a massive event featuring more than 131 puppies, plenty of kittens, fish, and more. It was a barking good time and in the end, it was Team Ruff that came out with the win and the Lombarky Trophy for the 20th year of game play.

However, there was one title that we all wanted to know about: The MVP title! Obviously, that was the Most Valuable Puppy on the field. And there were three puppies nominated for the title, Vanessa, Moosh, and Francine.

So which adorable puppy won the title?

Moosh wins the title of MVP for Puppy Bowl XX

In the end, Moosh was the ultimate winner of the title of MVP. And since this pup scored two touchdowns, it makes perfect sense that this fluffy cutie was not only nominated, but actually walked away with the title.

The thing about Moosh, is that this cutie is a deaf Australian Shepherd mix. And it was something that was pointed out as soon as they came out of the tunnel to enter the field. It was enough to get me ready to bring that pup home immediately. Knowing that the pup came from Green Dogs Unleashed in Troy, Virginia, meant that he was just a bit far away from me or else I would have been at their door today. (Okay, we know that the pups who played have mostly all been adopted at this point, but still.)

Moosh was a team player on the field, had no problem carrying the toys into the endzone, and brought a lot of fun to the Puppy Bowl. And that is why it makes sense that this was the pup chosen for MVP. Not only was he all about playing the game, but it was clear that he could feel the crowd rooting for him!

We love an adorable dog moment, and Moosh gave us plenty!

Did you watch the Puppy Bowl? Which puppy do you think should have won the MVP title?

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