Where can you stream 2004's Garfield: The Movie?

20 years ago, Garfield: The Movie was released but where can you stream it now?
Garfield - The Movie Premiere in Los Angeles
Garfield - The Movie Premiere in Los Angeles / Vince Bucci/GettyImages

Before we had 2024's The Garfield Movie, we need to take it back to 2004 with Garfield: The Movie.

If you couldn't tell, that's a completely different title. Joking aside, this film was made using CGI animation and featured a talented human cast on top of it. I remember watching Garfield: The Movie as a kid and enjoying it.

Whether you're someone who wants to revisit the film or just want to revisit this iteration of Garfield, then you're in luck. The film is currently streaming for free on The Roku Channel if you're someone who has a Roku TV.

In addition, you can also find it on Disney+ if you're subscribed. I feel like those are two pretty great avenues if you're looking for something cheaper. From there, there are a few paid options but streaming is usually the way to go.

What is the IMDB score for 2004's Garfield: The Movie?

After going through all the streaming options, I wanted to take a look at the IMDB score for Garfield: The Movie. All in all, the film is one that most think of nostalgically yet it's one of those movies that might not hold up. With that being said, the IMDB score is actually 5.0 out of 10 so it's split right down the middle.

Most of us can see why this film has such mixed reviews. While the animation was decent for the time, it doesn't hold a candle to what's being done today. However, the one silver lining for Garfield: The Movie is that it had an amazing cast. I mean Bill Murray as Garfield? Who could have even imagined him in that role?

Aside from Murray, Breckin Meyer played Jon while Jennifer Love Hewitt played Dr. Liz Wilson. Those two had great chemistry and made you root for them even with all of Garfield's shenanigans. All in all, the movie was geared towards kids and a lot of fun. Sometimes, that's all you can really ask for.

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