What is the cost to neuter your dog in 2024?

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Owning a dog comes with plenty of expenses, including trips to the veterinarian. But there is one trip that may end up costing more than you may expect. And that trip is none other than to get your pup neutered.

Thanks to MarketWatch, we have a pretty good idea of just how much it will cost in 2024 to get this procedure done. And we definitely think this is important information to know when considering adopting a new pup.

While many shelters will neuter dogs that come in to their facilities, some have been known to wait (or at the very least they include this with the adoption fees). And even shelters and rescues will cost you up to $200 for this procedure.

But how much does it cost to neuter your dog outside of a shelter or rescue? Well, it all depends on the facility.

How much does it cost to neuter your pup in 2024?

Petco offers veterinarian services in many of their locations, and that includes neutering your dog. For them, the cost for spaying or neutering your dog will range between $200 and $700. This is a big gap and will likely depend on any number of factors, including age of the dog, breed of the dog and more.

Another nationwide chain is Banfield Pet Hospitals. They are a great organization and one that can help to make the cost of being a pet parent a bit more affordable. So it makes sense that their typical fees for neutering your dog range between $400 and $600. It is still a hefty chunk of money, but one that makes perfect sense.

And if your pup is going to a private veterinarian clinic, your overall cost may be even higher than the $600 to $700 top ends estimated by Petco and Banfield. In fact, you could easily find yourself paying $1000 or more for this surgery.

In a break down of the fees associated with neutering your dog, we have to consider that there are fees associated with the initial examination of your dog, the bloodwork that needs to be done, the anesthesia, and of course the actual surgery itself. Even the price of the cone to keep your pup from messing with the area is included in the cost of the procedure, and those cones are not cheap (think between $12 and $40 each).

Being a pet parent is very rewarding, but at the same time, it comes with some costs that we can't ignore. In this case, getting your pup neutered is one of these costs.

Are you at all surprised by the costs associated with getting your pet neutered? How much did you pay for your own pup's surgery?

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