What are five poisons that pet parents should be aware of during the summer?

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Summer is here and with it comes plenty of challenges for pet parents. Not only do we have to contend with things like heat stroke, sunburns, and ticks, but there are also additional hazards to be aware of. And one (or at least five) thing we need to be aware of are poisons that are prominent during the summer.

Thanks to PetMD and the Pet Poison Hotline, we know exactly what to pay attention to and what pet parents need to be aware of when our dogs are out and about in the world. From things in our own backyard to things in nature, there are so many potential dangers during the summer that they need to know more about to protect their pets.

Thanks to social media and a post shared by PetMD, here are five poisons that you need to be aware of during the summer months.

5 pet poisons that are prevalent during the summer

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Wild Mushrooms

When it comes to potential poisons that can be hazardous to our dogs, wild mushrooms are definitely something that we come across often enough to be a problem. Even people can fall victim to poisonous mushrooms in the wild if you don't know what is edible and what is toxic. And if your dog ingests a wild mushroom that is not safe, it can lead to seizures, kidney failure, and even death.

Chemicals to clean and balance your pool

We already know that there are chemicals in our pool water, but did you realize that these chemicals are poison to our dogs. And if your dog drinks these chemicals, specifically in their undiluted state, it can lead to damage to their intestinal tract, their stomachs, the inside of their mouth, and even their skin. That is not to say that they can't swim in a pool, but you should be aware of the chemicals that are in your pool and they should definitely be put away so that your dog can't get to them.


During the summer, it seems like there are more mice and rats than at any other time of the year. And that makes sense since it is warmer and they are more active. When you are trying to combat those pesky rodents, you might reach for a rodenticide. The problem is that if your dog ingests this particular poison, your pup could potentially suffer from bleeding in their brain, swelling of their brain, and even kidney failure. All of this is terrifying and definitely something to be aware of.


With the summer underway, many of us are working on our yards and gardens. And that might mean the use of fertilizer. But did you know that fertilizer is a poison? And that poison can lead to neurological issues, pancreatitis, and even obstructions in their intestines. It is definitely important to keep your dog away from any fertilizers used in not only your yard, but out in the public as well.

Blue Green Algae

Over the last few years, there have been multiple reports of dogs dying after going swimming in smaller ponds and lakes. That is because of blue green algae. What does blue green algae do to our dogs? It often leads to body tremors and other neurological symptoms. Another symptom is liver failure. Basically, this is one of those poisons that is extremely hazardous and easy to come across in the most innocent of locations.


Honestly, while our dogs might enjoy the summer, it offers a number of hazards to be aware of. From the heat to the sun and of course to the seasonal poisons out there, there are a lot of things we need to be aware of when it comes to keeping our dogs safe.

Maybe it is us, but we think we might just stay home with our staff pup and enjoy the air conditioning instead of heading out into the heat of nature.

Did you know about these potential pet poisons? Have you had to protect your pup from any summer hazards?

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