Was this dog the real star of the Grammys?

6th Annual Latin Grammy Awards - Press Room
6th Annual Latin Grammy Awards - Press Room / Frederick M. Brown/GettyImages

On February 4, the world of music came together at the Grammys to honor the artists and creators who have inspired us for the last year and beyond. But there was one star that we only learned about with the help of the Los Angeles Times on X (formerly known as Twitter). And that was an adorable dog named Maya.

In a rather soggy video posted to the LA Times social media, we all got to see Maya in her bright green rain coat as she sat at the doors of the venue. The caption of the video reads, "This dog in a raincoat watching soaking wet nominees is the unsung hero of the #GRAMMYs." And honestly, we totally agree. (And clearly we were not alone as even WeRateDogs popped into this chat.)

Of course, there was at least one comment trashing the idea of this dog being a hero, but here's the thing, if there is a dog on a leash near a major event with the security people then they are clearly working dogs. And guess what? Maya is an Explosive Detection Canine! That means she really is a hero.

In a follow up post from the LA Times, they revealed that Maya even had a business card with her to tell the world exactly who she is and what she does! You can see her adorable business card (and even the video of her sitting in the rain as attendees walked into the building behind her) below:

Honestly, Maya might have been our favorite part of the Grammys that had nothing to do with any of the performances. There is something about this adorable pup in her green raincoat looking like she is missing out on getting all the pets that completely captivated our imaginations.

The first time we saw the video our first thought was this dog is thinking about how "ridiculous" this is and she can't believe not a single "head pat or good girl" came her way. Of course, Maya was on duty so she can't be distracted by people wanting to pet her, but still we can't even imagine walking by this pup and not wanting to give her all the attention and treats.

Let us know what you think of this adorable pup! Do you agree that she is the real star of the Grammys?

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