The Yorkshire Terrier might be popular in the U.S., but what about its native Britain

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When you think of the Yorkshire Terrier, what comes to mind? For some people, it is an adorable pup that easily fits in their lap. And for others, it is a feisty pup known for once being a "rat catcher."

As a native of Britain, you would think that the Yorkshire Terrier would be a popular pup across the pond. However, it turns out that while the Yorkie is actually the second most popular puppy breed in the U.S., according to MarketWatch, overseas is a different story.

In fact, as of February 2023, the Yorkshire Terrier was actually on a watch list for breeds that are in danger in Britain. But what does that mean? Well according to the Yorkshire Post, in 2022 only 495 Yorkshire Terrier puppy births had been recorded by The Kennel Club, which is not good news. At the height of their popularity, a record 25,665 of these puppies had been recorded in Britain. So to not even hit 500 in a single year shows a massive decline in popularity.

The Yorkshire Terrier is on a "watch list" in its native country

Not only is the Yorkshire Terrier popular in the U.S., with the AKC naming it the 13th most popular dog breed (although it is second according to the current MarketWatch puppy research), but it is also a rather expensive puppy to pick up here in the states. At this time, the average cost of a Yorkie puppy is around $2200.

It is amazing what a difference there is between the U.S. and Britain when it comes to popular dog breeds. And it is especially amazing to see a native of Britain having apparently lost its luster in its own home country.

Hopefully the people of Britain regain their love of the Yorkshire Terrier, but at the very least we know that these pups are still getting plenty of appreciation from people in the states.

Are you at all surprised to see the Yorkshire Terrier having fallen out of favor in its native country? Are you surprised by how popular the breed is in the U.S.?

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