The Loungefly pets collection is ready to channel our pup's inner Tinkerbell

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In 2023, Loungefly introduced a pet collection featuring harness backpacks, collars, leashes, and more. And of course, these pieces are done in classic Loungefly designs, including characters such as Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, an Ewok, and even Darth Vader.

But if the characters that they made didn't represent your fandom, have no fear because that was only the beginning. That is because Loungefly is adding more designs to their pet accessories section. And one of those designs channels one of our favorite characters from Disney's Peter Pan. That's right, our girl Tinkerbell is getting her shine on with a pet accessories collection from Loungefly.

Over on the brand's Instagram account, they shared a post featuring not only a shimmery Tinkerbell backpack for humans, but also a Tinkerbell harness backpack for our dogs. And what makes the dog harness so much fun is that it actually has wings!

Check out the post here and see the cuteness for yourself:

Loungefly dropped a special Tinkerbell cosplay dog harness as part of their pet accessories collection

The Peter Pan Tinker Bell Cosplay Glitter Mini Backpack Dog Harness is available right now on the Loungefly website, with a price tag of between $45 and $55 depending on the size of your dog. It is perfect for letting your pup carry around their treats and also showcasing just how stylish they really are.

We love all things Loungefly and this harness is definitely a must have for fans of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. And if you already have a Tinkerbell themed handbag or wallet, this could be a great way to coordinate between you and your pup!

As someone who has one of these Loungefly dog harness backpacks for our staff pup (we have the Stitch one), we already know how great these are both in terms of quality and how they look. These are such nice pieces that we can't wait to see what other characters and fandoms they decide to represent in the future. But we might just need to add the Tinkerbell harness to our dog's collection!

What do you think of this addition to the Loungefly pet accessories collection? Will you be grabbing one of these for your dog? What other characters would you like to see represented in a Loungefly dog harness?

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