The Bluey episode, "Sleepytime" is finally getting its flowers

A Bluey episode called "Sleepytime" is getting some much-needed recognition.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+. /

Bluey is one of those shows that transcends age and will appeal to both kids and adults. Recently, an episode has been getting a lot of love.

The episode is entitled "Sleepytime" and is featured in Season 2 of Bluey. It might be due to the tweet going around or Bluey is gaining more popularity. Either way, this is an episode I've watched previously and adored.

Regardless of the reason for this sudden surge of love for "Sleepytime," this is easily one of the best things to come out of 2024 so far. In particular, it made me rewatch the episode so I had to share why I think it's such a great episode.

No matter if you're a parent, childless, or just need some joy in your life, then you can't go wrong in watching the Bluey episode, "Sleepytime."

The Bluey episode, "Sleepytime" is getting the love it deserves

Let me be honest for a moment and share that I originally watched this episode with my nephew who was not even paying attention. As I shared the episode with my parents, I couldn't help but get emotional. Of course, the same thing happened when I sat down and rewatched it.

The episode begins with Chili reading Bingo two bedtime stories before putting her to sleep. She wants to stay in bed like a big girl and she ends up falling into a dream with her stuffed bunny, Fluffy. The two end up traveling around space while Bluey ends up waking up to get a glass of water, leaving Chili to sleep in Bluey's bed.

Bingo is still having a nice dream and Bandit put her back in bed. Eventually, Bingo ends up back in her parent's bed and gets cold so she's scared. Bingo ends up getting upset in her dream and is sent towards the sun which ends up being Chili. It's such an amazing episode and the perfect demonstration of having more independence while knowing your parents are there for you.

Given that Bluey is a show for kids, the episode reminds us all of the love we have for our parents and knowing even if they aren't there, they're still there with us. Honestly, the episode is truly so good and easily one of the best episodes of the last 5 years.

If you have Disney+, then you need to make sure to queue this one up and see what all the hype is about. You won't be disappointed so don't sleep on this episode or frankly, any episodes of Bluey.

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