The Bluey episode “Cricket” is one you can't miss

"Cricket" is an episode of Bluey that isn't being talked about enough!
Bluey Cricket Image. Image Credit to Disney+/Ludo Studio.
Bluey Cricket Image. Image Credit to Disney+/Ludo Studio. /

Everyone has a favorite Bluey episode and as hard as it might be to imagine, there are some underrated episodes of the series.

After seeing this article talking about the Bluey episode, "Cricket," I knew I had to watch it and see if it was just as good. Within the post, Mark Douglas begins by talking about some of the best sports TV shows and episodes before bringing up Bluey.

From there, Douglas goes on to rave about how great the episode is from the storyline, and the writing and doesn't spoil a thing. Due to that, he sold me and I was so excited to queue up the episode and see if it was as good as he made it out to be.

Thankfully, I have to say that "Cricket" is easily one of the best episodes of Bluey I've ever watched.

The Bluey episode, "Cricket" is a must-watch

Let me start by sharing the thing I found most interesting and fun about this episode. In "Cricket," we do see Bluey but she's not the main focus. Instead, we're following Rusty who is playing cricket with Bluey's dad, Bandit, Lucky's dad and Stripe who is Bandit's brother along with the other kids.

While it doesn't seem like it at first, Rusty is incredibly skilled at cricket. Thankfully, we have Bandit to narrate Rusty's entire journey as a cricket player. While it's taken him some time and a lot of effort, he truly became a player the other pups can envy. Even all of the dads are looking at Rusty like he's bound to be a pro cricket player eventually.

As with most Bluey episodes though, "Cricket" isn't just about the sport or even, about Rusty. On the whole, the episode is about family. Rusty is dealing with his father being away and trying to be a good brother to his siblings. While it isn't always easy for Rusty, he's doing his best and doing what he loves which I adore.

For most of my fellow US viewers, either don't watch cricket or don't understand the rules. Even so, the series made such a nuanced episode so it wasn't important. Following Rusty's journey and the reveals along the way made it all the better. Plus the ending of the episode was just too cute to deny.

No matter if you're a sports fan or not, "Cricket" is a Bluey episode you'll want to revisit over and over again. While it might not leave an impact on you the first time, watching it and really taking it all in might even make you emotional. Then again, we all know that Bluey is just as much for kids as it is for adults.

The Bluey episode, "Cricket" is currently streaming on Disney+.

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