Social media stars Sookie and Ivy get ready for Easter with a paint and sip

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Easter is upon us and that means that we are here for all of the social media posts showing how people are getting ready and celebrating. And if there is one account that we follow for amazing doggy content, it would have to be Sookie and Ivy.

For anyone unfamiliar with Sookie and Ivy, they are two rescue dogs who have a mom that crochets them special hats (and other things). In many of their social media posts, we get to see the girls rocking these hats and snoods in all of their furry glory.

One of the best things about these two is that they are so much fun and at 13 (Sookie) and 11 (Ivy), they are a great representation of senior dogs. But we also love what they get up to in their videos and all of the sassiness. So of course, when an Easter video dropped, we were obsessed.

Sookie and Ivy take part in their own version of a paint and sip experience for Easter

The best thing about this video is the fact that Sookie and Ivy are rocking Easter hats with bunny ears! It just makes everything so much better. Especially as we watch doggy painting in action with those ears bobbing and weaving in time with the "painting" action.

And if you were wondering, doggy painting is really just putting paint colors on paper or a canvas, putting it in a ziploc bag or putting plastic wrap on it and then putting a peanut butter spread on top. The action of the dogs licking up the peanut butter spreads the paint and creates something pretty and fun with a personal touch. (Our staff pup has done this a number of times at doggy daycare and sometimes we even get little nose prints in the paintings.)

If you want to see the girls in action and what the final product was for both of these adorable girls, check out this video from Sookie and Ivy here.

We love Sookie and Ivy and we love to see what they are getting up to every week. And this Easter, this is giving us life.

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