Rover is rewarding pet parents who update their pet's microchips and ID Tags

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The Fourth of July can be a very difficult time for pets and pet parents. This is the time when more animals end up in the shelters, and a big reason for that is because of pets that end up lost after they get scared and run away during fireworks displays.

Considering this is the season when more dogs (and cats) end up lost and afraid, Rover wants to do something to help pets and their owners in case the worst happens. According to a press email we received on behalf of Rover, the brand is reminding pet parents that the best way to protect your pet in the case of them getting lost or running away is to make sure that their ID Tags and Microchips are up to date.

As an added incentive to get parents to update those IDs and microchips, "[Rover] will cover the cost of a new pet ID tag with $35 off of any Rover service. Use the code TAGURIT35 to redeem."

Having an updated microchip or ID Tag can make all the difference in protecting your pet

Rover understands that things happen, and sometimes we forget the items on our to-do list. If you are anything like us, you probably forget to even write a to-do list in the first place. But when it comes to keeping our pets safe, it is important to get those microchips and IDs updated, especially if there has been a change of address or even phone number in the last year (or whenever the information was last updated).

According to a survey by Rover, "60% of pet parents agree that accurate identifiable information is extremely important for their pet’s safety, but 17% say they haven’t checked the status of their pet’s microchip since setting it up." And we have certainly forgotten to keep the microchip information up to date, so we understand that it is something easily overlooked, especially during a move.

However, while we understand that life happens, having up-to-date information attached to your dog's ID or microchip is extremely important. And during a time of year when more dogs can end up lost and on the run because of loud noises, fireworks, and stress, it is more important than ever to protect your pet the best way you know how.

Remember to check those tags and microchips and make sure that your pet can find their way home to you.

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