Regal Cinemas is giving us an adorable collection of Garfield merch

Garfield movie 2024
Garfield movie 2024 /

The Garfield Movie might be dropping on May 24, but merchandise related to the film is already heading our way. And we are obsessed!

There is something so fun about this fluffy orange cat who loves lasagna, prefers napping to playing, and has an adorable doggy brother named Odie. And we are in love with all of the merchandise that is being released right now in honor of the new movie, which is showing off all of our favorite characters in style.

Right now, fans of Garfield can geek out over the current selection of merchandise from Regal Cinemas. The movie theater chain is currently offering nine different items for fans to choose from, including T-shirts, a sweatshirt, a blanket, and even a plush.

The Garfield merch collection from Regal includes a four piece topper set featuring baby Garfield, an adult Garfield, Odie, and Garfield’s dad. Then there is a Cattitude Sherpa blanket, a Cattitude ball cap, and even a Garfield coffee mug.

While there doesn’t seem to be a popcorn bucket available on the website just yet or even one of those plastic refillable cups, that doesn’t take away from the cuteness of what they are offering right now. Instead, it seems like Regal Cinemas opted to give us a movie merch collection that is for every day use and not just at the movies. And we kind of love that for us, because this means we can show off our love of Garfield any time we want.

So while there may not be a popcorn bucket available on the Regal Cinemas merchandise website yet, we do know there is one coming. And it is super cute, so if that’s what you are waiting for, have no fear because it’s a good one!

We can’t wait for the new Garfield movie, but at least we have merch to tide us over with until the movie hits theaters. And if we happen to snag something from the collection, who can blame us.

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