Even the Puppy Bowl has Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce fever, brings in Travis Klawce and Taylor Sniffed

It's puppy love at the Puppy Bowl XX.
Travis Klawce and Taylor Sniffed at the Puppy Bowl XX - credit: Animal Planet
Travis Klawce and Taylor Sniffed at the Puppy Bowl XX - credit: Animal Planet /

Look, we all love a good pun here. And that’s one of the appeals of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XX, which has never met a pun it doesn’t love to sniff the butt of. So you just knew they couldn’t resist introducing puppy versions of puppy loves Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

The clip aired about 15 minutes into this year’s Puppy Bowl, with the camera cutting to the stands to introduce two celeb pups watching the showdown between Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Those celebs? None other than Travis Klawce and Taylor Sniffed.

While we didn’t see any PDA (Puppy Displays of Affection) from the duo, that’s most likely because Sniffed is probably exhausted from traveling directly from the Pawras Tour in Tokyo to spend the Puppy Bowl with her doggy dude, Klawce. Or, more likely, they are two dogs. Either way, really hard to tell to be honest.

Shout out to the always reliable Puppy Bowl team for finding two dogs that vaguely look like the power couple – Sniffed a little more than Klawce. We also, for what it’s worth, don’t know who exactly those dogs really are, or whether they’re up for adoption like the rest of the Puppy Bowl lineup. If so, chances are some Swiftie would pay top dollar to own a dog with even a vague association with Swift.

Also to clarify, Klawce is not playing in the Puppy Bowl today, despite Travis Kelce, his namesake, potentially leading the Kansas City Chiefs to victory later today.

This year's Puppy Bowl is airing on multiple Warner Bros. Discovery networks including Animal Planet, Discovery, TBS and more. Whether we'll see more of Travis Klawce and Taylor Sniffed is unknown as of press time, nor if Klawce will propose to Sniffed at the end of the game.

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