Puppy Bowl MVP Vote: How to vote for Puppy Bowl MVP 2024 on Animal Planet

The voting is a little more confusing than usual this year...
Puppies playing. PUPPY BOWL XVII. Image courtesy Animal Planet / Elias Weiss Friedman
Puppies playing. PUPPY BOWL XVII. Image courtesy Animal Planet / Elias Weiss Friedman /

As of this writing, we’re entering the final quarter (?) of the 2024 Puppy Bowl, aka Puppy Bowl XX. And as we get closer to the end, the anticipation is building to see who will win, Team Ruff or Team Fluff. But more importantly, what about the Puppy Bowl MVP vote? Can you vote for the winner of the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl 2024?

The short answer is: yes, you can! But you might be a little confused, particularly if you headed over to puppybowl.com/vote. So, let’s get into it.

Is there a Puppy Bowl MVP vote?

Yep! The MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) category was opened up to audience voting beginning with Puppy Bowl XI in 2015. Throughout the program, you were allowed to vote for your favorite pup, something that fans of the annual event know was plugged heavily throughout the program.

However, this year the voting has moved from the Animal Planet website, to X (the platform formerly known as Twitter). Given Animal Planet is going a little HAM on the retweets, finding the post to vote might be tougher than usual.

Can you vote for Puppy Bowl MVP online?

Yes, but again, not on the Animal Planet website at puppybowl.com/vote. That site was used only for the Pupularity contest, which closed on February 8. The 2024 winner, by the way, was Fred.

How to vote for Puppy Bowl MVP 2024:

There’s only one place to vote for the three contenders: X. And only one Tweet (Xeet?) at that. Here’s the post in question:

The three contenders are Francine, Vanessa, and Moosh. The poll seems to be open for another day on X, even though the live Puppy Bowl keeps plugging that voting closes soon. Maybe they’ll announce, and then there can be an upset! Drama!

So there you go, head to X now to vote for your fave.

But wait, did Moosh already win?

There's a chance the fix might already be in. While the show seems to be leaving things open, and the Xeet has voting for almost a full day... Animal Planet's website has already congratulated Moosh on winning MVP. Was this put up in error? Or is the Puppy Bowl MVP vote... Faked?? We'll know the answer soon enough.

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