Puppy Bowl 2024: Which puppy might win MVP?

Puppies playing on the field for Puppy Bowl XVI.. Image Courtesy Damian Strohmeyer/Animal Planet
Puppies playing on the field for Puppy Bowl XVI.. Image Courtesy Damian Strohmeyer/Animal Planet /

Puppy Bowl 20 is finally here and it is a big year for the annual event. After all, this is 20 years of puppies playing ball and finding homes, as well as the iconic kitty halftime shows. But this year, things are getting even bigger with over 131 players including one of the smallest players ever and even one of the largest.

And with so many puppies in play, there is still one title on the line that every puppy wants to get their paws on: The MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) title. This is set to be a Puppy Bowl we won't want to miss. But which pup will end up walking away with that MVP title?

While we obviously need to tune in to find out which puppy reigns supreme, according to the experts at Veterinarians.org, there are some notable trends from previous years to pay attention to, as well as knowing about all the breeds represented. Specifically, it is important to note that Terrier breeds have consistently won the MVP title more often than any other breed at the Puppy Bowl. And thanks to Veterinarians.org's Ivana Crnec, DVM , we have a better understanding of exactly why this breed is a front runner for MVP.

Which puppy could walk away with the Puppy Bowl MVP title for 2024?

According to Dr. Crnec, "Terriers are not athletically superior to other breeds. A 2018 study showed that in sport-hunting dogs, certain genes associated with athleticism are under strong pressure. The main traits determining the athleticism of a breed are high VOX max (maximum oxygen uptake during exercise) and metabolic adaptation (the ability to convert fat into energy quickly and efficiently)."

It makes sense that athleticism comes into play at an event like the Puppy Bowl, even if the Terriers are not considered to be better than other breeds athletically. However, Dr. Crnec also explained that, "In Terriers, the athleticism-related genes are not under extra pressure, and members of the group do not have an athletic advantage. However, they are still muscular and, most importantly, compensate with their spirit. Terriers are tenacious, determined, disciplined, and highly goal-driven, which is just as important as athleticism when it comes to dog sports."

In order to be the MVP of the Puppy Bowl, it is not just about the athleticism, it is also the determination, grit, and tenaciousness that we all love to see on the field. And that seems to be something these pups are well-known for.

Knowing this and also knowing that in the past Terriers have earned that MVP title pretty regularly, we would have to say that it would not come as a surprise if another adorable Terrier walked away with the title all over again.

We can't wait to see how the Puppy Bowl plays out, especially when it comes to naming this year's MVP!

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