Puppy Bowl 2024: Mr. Bean was a scene stealer and even stole the heart of a Bachelor!

Mr Bean. Image courtesy Animal Planet © 2023 Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.
Mr Bean. Image courtesy Animal Planet © 2023 Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. /

When it comes to the Puppy Bowl, we are just as excited for meeting all the different puppies as we are the action on the field. And one puppy who was not only a scene stealer, but who also stole our hearts was none other than Mr. Bean.

But why did Mr. Bean steal our hearts? I honestly think that his sheer grit and determination, combined with the cuteness was what made us fall in love. Considering this puppy only has two legs and learned how to run and play on his back legs, we knew that he was going to be one to watch. And we were right!

In the highlight reel introducing us to Mr. Bean, we learned that, "He was born without his front legs. He was very skinny and nervous and could only scoot on his belly." However, once he realized that the people at the Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary really did care about him and want the best for him, Mr. Bean ended up really embracing his shortcomings and learned how to be a normal puppy!

The Puppy Bowl introduced us to a real star in Mr. Bean

But perhaps the best part of Mr. Bean's story is not even his appearance at the Puppy Bowl, but rather where he ended up after the fact! As you may know as fans of the Puppy Bowl, every single puppy who participates in the Puppy Bowl is up for adoption at the time of the game being filmed. And it turns out that Mr. Bean ended up in a great home!

So who adopted this adorable puppy? It turns out that Mr. Bean ended up stealing the heart of a Bachelor! According to USA Today, Mr. Bean ended up being adopted by Lorenzo Borghese from Season 9 of The Bachelor.

And if you loved Mr. Bean as much as we did during the Puppy Bowl, then you absolutely have to go follow Borghese's Instagram account. That is because he is all about sharing posts featuring the adorable pup (as well as some of his other pups)! There is even a video of Mr. Bean dancing to "Moves Like Jagger" on his social media account. And maybe it is us, but we love everything about that!

Check out this picture of Mr. Bean and his Bachelor!

We love a happy ending and this absolutely sounds like it was a happy ending for Mr. Bean. We love the Puppy Bowl and everything that it promotes, especially all of these adoptable puppies.

Were you a fan of Mr. Bean? Was he the star of your Puppy Bowl watch?

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