Pittsburgh Pirates drop dates for pup-friendly games for 2024

If your pup is a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, there are plenty of dog-friendly games this year.
Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

When it comes to America's pastime, it might surprise you to know that many baseball teams feature pup-friendly games. In particular, the Pittsburgh Pirates have tons of options for pet parents.

For those who live in Pittsburgh, travel there frequently, or are planning a trip this summer, then you have to bring your pup along. According to a post shared by the American Kennel Club, the Pirates are hosting multiple dates to bring your pup with you to the game.

The dates are as follows: April 23, May 7, May 21, June 18, July 2, July 23, August 6, August 27, September 10, and September 24. As you can tell, there are plenty of different dates to both accommodate you and your pup's busy schedule.

The article goes on to share some of the reasons why you should and shouldn't bring your dog to a ballpark date. We've also covered it here on Dog o' Day so make sure to give you a read if you're planning to attend.

What can you and your pup do during a Pirates game?

If there's one thing we pet parents know, it's that dogs can be fickle and sometimes, they're over it before the game even starts. Thankfully, you can walk them around PNC Park to hopefully work off some of that energy and maybe even get them a treat or a little bit of water to make sure the heat isn't getting to them.

In addition, you can also take some pics with your pup to make memories you'll never forget. All in all, PNC Park is a beautiful ballpark and a place full of good eats to boot. While this post is mostly focused on pups, I can't lie and say that some of that ballpark food isn't a good incentive for any pet parent.

Of course, you have to pay your tax to your pup if it's something they can have in moderation. Either way, you can now snag tickets for a Pup Nights game on the Pittsburgh Pirates website. You do have to sign a waiver though so keep that in mind.

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