Petco is currently doing a winter clearance sale

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Are you looking to do some winter shopping for your pet? Do you love spoiling your pet without breaking the bank in the process? Well you may want to head to the Petco website, right now to check out their winter clearance sale.

According to the Petco Clearance page, this sale is actually good through February 3, 2024. And yes, only select items are on sale. But of course, there are still a lot of deals to choose from, so if you are looking to stock up and save on goodies for your pet (and we don't just mean dogs and cats), then now is the time to do some shopping.

So what are some of the deals that we are seeing and that might be worth picking up during this winter clearance sale?

Petco is running a winter clearance into February 2024

  • YOULY Influencer Dog Hoodie, Large - This hooded sweatshirt is perfect for winter and those pups who know how to make a fashion statement. And at just $10, it is steal for your dog. (At time of publication the sweatshirt was still available in sizes XXS through XL.)
  • YOULY The Trailblazer Red Wipeable Dog Collar, Large - Need a new collar for your pup? Available in three sizes for up to $8.12, this is a good deal for a really nice collar. We love this brand and the quality of their products, so this is definitely on our radar.

  • YOULY Caturday Cat Hoodie, Small/Medium - Cats get cold too. And if you have a kitty who doesn't mind rocking a hooded sweatshirt, then this is a great deal at $7.50.

  • Bootique Moon and Star Floor Scratch Cat Toy, Medium - This might just be our favorite thing in the cat section as it is super cute and totally a win for our kitty. We love the look of this cat scratch toy and we know that our staff kitty will enjoy getting to flex his claws! And at just $3.25, we don't mind splurging on two.

Honestly, there are a ton of deals to check out for dogs, cats, reptiles, and more. And it is not just clothes either. There are toys, dog beds, and more on clearance. While many of these items are holiday themed, your pet probably doesn't care about that.

As long as our pet is happy, we don't care if they play with a Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas toy all year long. But of course, we totally understand if you aren't trying to have Santa toys getting thrown around the house in February or May.

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