Pet Genie makes it easy to handle potty training messes and more

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There are a lot of tools and products on the market that make life with a pet easier. And if you are adding a new puppy to the mix, you might be looking for ways to make potty training easier and perhaps less stinky. Luckily, that is where Pet Genie comes into the picture to shake things up.

But what is Pet Genie? Well, it is technically a waste disposal system that helps to lock odors in. In a lot of ways, this is an elevated garbage can. But at the same time, it is so much more than that.

From the makers of both the Litter Genie and the Diaper Genie, the Pet Genie is a disposal system that allows you to easily handle potty training with puppies, accidents made by our senior pups, and more. In fact, as the product page explains, the Pet Genie "Fits various dog waste - Dog poop waste, diapers, training pads and dog litter."

The Pet Genie makes waste disposal a whole new experience

There are a lot of reasons why the Pet Genie is the way to go for pet owners, but perhaps the biggest is the fact that once the waste goes into the container, it traps the odors in for up to two months! Instead of having to take out the trash multiple times per day to eliminate the stink, you can cut those garbage runs down.

For us, it is as much about the fact that it makes potty training less stressful as it is the fact that we don't have to worry about our home smelling terrible just because of a potential accident or mess. And since the brand is all about quality, with a proven track record for success with their other Genie products, we know that they have things figured out when it comes to trapping in odors and making it easy to dispose of all the waste that we need to clean up.

The fact that the Pet Genie is sleek and elegant looking is just the cherry on top of a must have product for both new pet parents and dog owners who have had pets their whole lives. We love a good looking tool to help make life easier as a pet owner, and this definitely fits the bill.

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