Nick Jr launches new podcasts with some of our favorite animal friends

Don't miss this slate of upcoming Nick Jr podcasts featuring beloved characters.
Goodnight Bedtime Stories Podcast Image. Image Credit to Nickelodeon.
Goodnight Bedtime Stories Podcast Image. Image Credit to Nickelodeon. /

Nickelodeon has been one of the biggest and most beloved channels for decades, with Nick Jr being just as popular. That's why I had to talk about the brand's latest endeavor: a line of podcasts.

In particular, the lineup for this first round features some of our favorite characters and since most of them are dogs, it's only right to talk about them here. Plus, it's something fun that maybe some dog parents with kids can appreciate.

I don't know about you, but I've never thought about a podcast for kids. However, using some of their favorite characters is a great way to get them engaged. Plus there's just something utterly unique about the entire concept.

While the first podcast is launching on May 13th, we'll be seeing more roll out in the coming weeks so I wanted to make sure I shared it with all of my fellow dog and cat parents who also have their own babies.

Nick Jr launches a week of podcast episodes featuring dogs galore!

DoraRecipe_PodKey_Apr3 (1)
Dora's Recipe for Adventure! Podcast Art. image Credit to Nickelodeon. /

1. Dora's Recipe for Adventure! (Launching May 13th)

The first podcast being launched is the only one not featuring a dog but we do have Boots, the monkey so he counts. He might not be a dog but he's Dora's companion so we'll let it slide. This is a podcast featuring Dora and Boots as they work to find missing ingredients for Dora's family as they cook some of their favorite dishes. With music and tons of guests, this is one Dora fans will be clamoring to hear more of. We'll be getting 10 episodes of Dora's Recipe for Adventure!

Story Time With Josh & Blue Podcast Art. Image Credit to Nickelodeon. /

2. Story Time With Josh & Blue, Season 2 (Launching May 14th)

Time to talk about dogs and before there was Bluey, there was Blue. Blue has been through some changes but now her team-up with Josh has been amazing. The dynamic duo from Blue's Clues & You! are working together for this podcast. While we've already gotten Season 1, we're getting the next season of Story Time with Josh & Blue. This one is focused on helping littles to go to sleep while still enjoying a story with Josh & Blue. Story Time with Josh & Blue is releasing 14 episodes.

Goodnight Bedtime Stories Podcast Image. Image Credit to Nickelodeon. /

3. Nickelodeon's Goodnight Bedtime Stories (Launching May 15th)

This podcast is somewhat similar to the previous one, but this time all of our favorite Nick Jr characters are getting in on the fun. Whether your littles are winding down for a nap or getting ready for bed, putting one of these episodes on is sure to calm them. Some of the pups making an appearance are Skye and Everest from Paw Patrol along with Blue from Blues Clues & You! This one seems like another great one for pets and kids alike so maybe your dog will even listen. Nickelodeon's Goodnight Bedtime Stories will have 20 episodes.

Let's Guess Who With Josh & Blue Podcast Image. Image Credit to Nickelodeon. /

4. Let's Guess Who With Josh & Blue (Launching May 16th)

Last but certainly not least, we have another podcast featuring Blue and that's Let's Guess Who With Josh & Blue. I feel like this one has some crossover appeal as the entire premise of the podcast is to guess who Blue & Josh are interviewing. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a fun one, no matter what age you are. Let's Guess Who With Josh & Blue will have 10 episodes.

I don't know about you but these upcoming podcast releases featuring Nick Jr characters sound like a lot of fun. Whether you're listening to them with your pets or your little ones, it's sure to keep them entertained. if you're not entirely convinced though, I wanted to share the trailer for them below so you can get a better idea.

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