Minties dental chews now come in a large size

NEW Minties launches large size dental chew on Amazon. Image courtesy Minties
NEW Minties launches large size dental chew on Amazon. Image courtesy Minties /

Are you looking to improve your dog's dental health? Do you have a larger dog that maybe needs a larger chew? Then you might be excited to learn that Minties is now offering a large version of their dental treats.

Available on both the Minties website and Amazon, these treats are perfect for dogs over 50 pounds. And if you are a Walmart shopper, have no fear as this larger size will be hitting stores, as well as being available online towards the middle of Spring.

So what makes Minties such a great choice for both dogs and cats needing their teeth cleaned? Well according to the press email we received, the five main ingredients in these chews that they use to combat doggy breath are "alfalfa, peppermint, parsley, fennel, and dill." Of course, the rather unique texture and shape of these chews aids in the overall dental wellness aspect of these treats.

And much like the name suggests, Minties comes in a mint flavor that many dogs enjoy. I know our staff pup doesn't mind these types of dental chews, although they have yet to give Minties a try. And if you have a cat, you may also be interested to know that they have a chicken and a salmon variety of dental chews for our feline's teeth as well.

Minties is now available in a large size for bigger dogs looking for dental health chews

On top of helping with bad breath, dental chews help to remove tartar and plaque that have built up on our dog's teeth. Considering we don't brush their teeth as often as we do our own, it makes sense that we would want to include dental chews into their routine to care for their teeth.

Obviously, it is important to pay attention to your dog's dental health. With the help of Minties, we are actively working to keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh.

Dental health is very important for humans and pets alike. And having a product like Minties in our pet's arsenal is definitely a must, especially when we can get chews that work for any size of dog, whether small or large.

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