Miniature American Shepherd Irish jig goes viral in furry footloose dance

Dogs enjoy spending time with humans, some like this Miniature American Shepherd take the next step!
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This Miniature American Shepherd is taking So You Think You Can Dance to the next level! While dogs can often be energetic and looking to interact with their human companions, this one couldn't resist the urge to keep up with his owner.

On the Instagram account @wigglebuttbutters, Butters can be seen staring into the camera while giving his best effort to not miss a beat to traditional Irish music. Great at maintaining eye contact, Butters looks happy to keep going all evening long!

The Instagram account shows multiple videos of the Miniature American Shepherd and is well worth the scroll through if you are looking for fun dog content. Other videos include Butters seemingly relating to some of the every day struggles of life with the captions sharing with his audience what exactly is on his mind.

Being in line with what can be expected of the Miniature American Shepherd and his closely related counterpart, the Australian Shepherd, these cousins are known as active herding dogs. Always will to lend a hand and partake in physical activities, Butters is using his tendencies and curiosity in a wholesome way.

More Miniature American Shepherd dancing

Another dog who wishes to tap into her Irish roots can be shown on a different Instagram account @my_aussie_gal. This time she could be seen during the imitation and learning process itself. Step for step this clip shows just how eager dogs can be to learn and interact with their owner companions.

The page includes other activities between the two, including baking, cleaning, and guitar playing! As a veteran of the human experience, the dog Promise appears to be teaching the next generation. As the elder statesperson, the younger dog, Secret is already picking up the Irish jig and doing well while pursuing her other endeavors.

Whether you have a Miniature American Shepherd or a different breed, consider something out of the box!

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