Everything is a lie: Messi wasn’t at the Oscars, used fake arms to clap

Not only that, but Messi's trainer kept the arms.

96th Annual Academy Awards - Show
96th Annual Academy Awards - Show / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Breaking - nay, heartbreaking news: as we speculated about last night (March 10) during the Oscars ceremony, it seems that Messi, the dog star of Anatomy of a Fall, was not actually at the Oscars. And in fact – brace yourself here – Messi used fake arms to clap during a bit. You could say that things got a little... Messi... At the Oscars.

The full truth came out thanks to the Instagram story of Messi’s trainer, Laura Martin Contini, who posted multiple pictures from throughout the evening. Here’s how it seems things actually went down:

But wait, you may say… You saw Ryan Gosling looking over at Messi clapping in the audience. That was, it seems a creative bit of editing where they played the shot of Messi clapping on the screen in the Dolby Theater. So Gosling was indeed delighted to see Messi clapping, but it was on screen – not in the auditorium.

As for the clapping bit itself, that’s the most hilarious part: there was a man underneath Messi’s chair during the pre-taping session, holding long, fake (we hope) dog arms to make it look like Messi was clapping. Next to Messi, you can spy Contini dressed to the nines. And as a bonus – no joke – it looks like Contini got to take home the dog arms.

You can see her holding them in her current profile picture on Instagram, and laughing. And this morning she posted a video to her Insta story labeled “Good morning America” with the fake dog arms reaching out to grab some delicious-looking pancakes with blueberries on them.

So there you go! Movie magic, folks. It may have looked like Messi attended the Oscars – and in a way he did. But not in the “sitting in the audience and watching the Oscars” way. Sorry.

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