Mazie Days makes dog walking chic with their collection of must have bags

Mazie Days gives us chic dog walking bags
Mazie Days gives us chic dog walking bags /

When it comes to taking your dog for a walk are you thinking of fashion and the style of your look? Probably not. But, that doesn't mean that we can't keep things chic and stylish with the help of the perfect accessories! That is because our dog walking experiences are about to get an elevated twist with the help of Mazie Days.

But who and what is Mazie Days? Well, they are a brand that is all about form and function with our bags and accessories. This brand has created fashionable and functional bags that let you take your dog for a walk without having to worry about not having everything you need on hand.

On their about me page, the founder of the company explains, "I knew there had to be a better way to be dog-walk ready so I could enjoy every step of the way with my pack. When I couldn’t find a bag that offered the compartments and functionality I needed without compromising the style and versatility I wanted, I set out researching, designing, and testing prototypes for Mazie Days."

Mazie Days Branding
Mazie Days gives us chic dog walking bags /

Mazie Days brings functionality and style together with a collection of versatile bags perfect for any dog walking experience

We had the chance to try Mazie Days for ourselves and we are obsessed. Not only are there pockets for everything, but these pieces are such high quality that you wouldn't even think of these as dog walking must haves. Instead, these are every day bags and accessories that allow you to go from walking the dog to heading to work. You can hit the club without feeling frumpy and you know that after the club you can still take your dog for that late night walk without missing a beat.

I loved the feel of the material on these Mazie Days bags and the different styles are perfection because they give flexibility to your look and walk. At the same time, we have to appreciate the fact that you can also create your own look and vibe thanks to the mixing and matching of chains and colors for bag.

Mazie Days Branding
Mazie Days Product Image. Image Credit to Mazie Days. /

The treat pouch for our dogs is my favorite piece of the collection because it is perfect for attaching to your bag (any bag really) and heading out the door in style. The pouch looks good and is perfect for keeping your dog's treats with you anywhere you end up. We love that this pouch comes in five colors, including black, blue, and even fuchsia! We also used this pouch for some extra poop bags, so that we had everything we needed no matter when we took our pup out for their walk.

While we did use the treat pouch for poop bags, have no fear as the bags themselves also have space for them too. The Millie is a water resistant bag that has a cool structure to it, adding a cool vibe to any look, while also making it easy to take your dog for a walk without forgetting what you need. On the product page for this bag, they let us all know that this one has, "Waste Bag Storage: For pet parents on the go, 'The Millie' offers a designated pocket inside to store waste bags, with a subtle slit in the back for easy access."

Honestly, the entire collection is so pretty and so practical and after using these bags for a solid month, I knew that these were going to be my go to bags for dog walking and just going out in general. It has all the space and storage we need, without being bulky and awkward. These are great for looking good, while also having what we need.

We all know that taking our dog for a walk is not about the style, but if we can stay stylish then we are all for it. Bring on both the practicality and the trendy vibes with Mazie Days.

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