Loungefly is celebrating 40 years of the Pound Puppies with special collection

Pound Puppies Collection from Loungefly. Image courtesy Loungefly
Pound Puppies Collection from Loungefly. Image courtesy Loungefly /

If you are looking for a touch of nostalgia, then look no further than some of Loungefly's recent releases (and of course some of their upcoming offerings as well). From celebrating 50 years of Snoopy and 30 years of The Lion King, Loungefly understands that there are some characters and properties that deserve a lot of love.

And what better way to show love to some of our favorite bits of entertainment than with an adorable collection of wallets, bags, and more? When announcing some of their upcoming pieces in a recent Instagram Live, Loungefly unveiled their new Pound Puppies collection. And it is simply adorable.

While there are currently only three pieces in the Pound Puppies collection, all three pieces are definite must-haves for fans of the original toys and the subsequent series as it celebrates 40 years. These pieces are so cute that even people who aren't familiar with the original cartoon will love them.

What does the Loungefly Pound Puppies collection include?

Up first, they have the classic mini backpack featuring one of the brown pound puppies as the body, while the inside print features a number of the puppies we met back in the day (and since the Pound Puppies and I were born in the same year, I feel like I can say that). The Pound Puppies 40th Anniversary Plush Mini Backpack with Card Holder comes in at $80 and is perfect for fans who want to show off their love of all things cute and cuddly with pride.

Then we have the matching wallet featuring the samebrown pup and a little heart that says "adopt me." This is a zip around wallet with a price tag of $40. If you aren't sure about snagging the backpack, this is a super cute alternative that offers the same vibe as the mini backpack.

Finally, the third piece in the collection is a canvas tote bag that will cost just $30 and features the same pup once again, this time with the Pound Puppies logo front and center. This is great for trips to the store and the Farmer's Market, all while showing the world that you are all about those adorable pups looking for their forever homes.

Honestly, while there may only be three pieces to this Pound Puppies collection, all three of these items are adorable. These are must-have pieces for fans of the original series and just of dogs in general.

We are living for these nostalgic pieces and can't wait to see what else Loungefly has in store for us this year. And if we can get more Pound Puppies pieces, we would definitely not be mad at that.

What do you think fellow dog lovers? Are you excited for these Pound Puppies pieces?

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