Lesure has the perfect waterproof blanket for pet lounging anywhere

Lesure Debuts New Stylish Pet Bed & Blanket Prints
Lesure Debuts New Stylish Pet Bed & Blanket Prints /

When it comes to cozy luxury for our pets, look no further than Lesure. Over the last two years, we have fallen in love with the brand and their comfortable offerings for both cats and dogs. And even their cat trees are a next level experience for any feline.

However, the thing that we are the most excited about right now has to be their Waterproof Puppy Blanket for Small Dogs. Available in multiple styles and sizes, this blanket is perfect for anywhere in your home. If your pup is prone to snoozing on the couch, this blanket would make the couch even better for your furry friend. And the fact that it is waterproof is a bonus that we can't resist.

For our staff pup, the Waterproof Puppy Blanket was a great option for whenever she wants to sleep on the bed, because it is almost like having a dog bed on the real bed. It is her spot and it has a cozy factor that is hard to ignore.

I love the fact that it is colorful and textured, giving it a nice feel even for the non-four legged members of the house. And considering Lesure describes the material of this blanket as, "Sherpa Fleece & Jacquard Shaggy Sherpa," this means that this is a soft, almost fluffy throw for our pets to enjoy.

Lesure Debuts New Stylish Pet Bed & Blanket Prints /

No matter what size or color you choose, this is perfect for any household with a pet. It adds a layer of coziness that can be moved to any room in the house. And the fact that it can be machine washed and dried without losing what makes it waterproof is the added bonus of why this is a must have piece.

If you are curious about the cost of this cozy alternative to a dog bed, Lesure has the smallest blanket listed on Amazon for $16.99, while the largest one (which is equivalent to a twin size) comes in at just $36.99. No matter which size you choose, this is a rather affordable option for adding even more cozy vibes to your dog's nap time.

We love Lesure and everything they have to offer. Now we really hope that they come out with a covered dog bed large enough for those large pups who love the cave effect when snoozing.

What do you think fellow dog lovers? Have you tried Lesure yet? What do you think of a cozy, waterproof blanket for your pup?

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