Kim Kardashian was once a dog walker for a famous singer

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When it comes to famous people, in a lot of ways they are just like us. This can include past jobs, and even hobbies. For Kim Kardashian, it turns out that her after school job is definitely one that a lot of us can relate to, although maybe not who she actually did the job for.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kardashian recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Tonight, where she talked about her after school job that she did with her sister Kourtney. It turns out that the sisters were actually dog walkers.

But they weren’t just walking anyone’s dog, they were walking Madonna’s dog. Of course, we do have to point out that Kim said that she was about 7-years-old at the time. The fact that they were walking Madonna’s dog as a job is pretty impressive, but we also love how the sisters were paid.

Kim Kardashian revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that Madonna was actually getting out of her “80s neon phase” when they worked for her. And instead of giving them cash for walking the dog (at least once) she apparently gave them her jewelry.

"She was transitioning out of, like, the '80s neon phase. So one day she just walked downstairs and handed us a shoe box of all these, like, neon bracelets."

Kim Kardashian

It turns out that the jewelry was a hit for both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Kim shared that they wore the jewelry to school and their friends loved the pieces. Unsurprisingly, they were also eager to share who gave them the pieces, which is totally relatable.

Obviously, it has been a long time since either Kardashian was a dog walker. But we do love this look back at childhood and a job that so many people can relate to even now.

We love the fact that she shared this story and revealed something so fun about herself. Plus, we can’t help but appreciate the fact that not only did she walk dogs as a kid, but she had no problem getting paid in jewelry.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian being a dog walker as a child? Does this surprise you at all?

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