Jonas Brothers pay homage to Bluey for Australian show

The Jonas Brothers x Bluey is the collab we never knew we needed.

Jonas Brothers Perform At Rogers Arena
Jonas Brothers Perform At Rogers Arena / Andrew Chin/GettyImages

If there's one thing I never saw coming, it was this Jonas Brothers x Bluey collab. If you know anything about me, it's that I'm a Jonas Brothers fan first and a person second.

For those who are not Jonas Brothers fans, you might not realize that the brothers have never played a concert in Australia. Despite having a song named after the country, they hadn't traveled there until now.

People who were lucky enough to attend the show were treated to something special. The band decided to pay homage to the most popular cartoon over there and that's Bluey with a special intro with a Jonas-themed twist.

While a few concertgoers shared the video, the band's official Instagram eventually shared it and since then, it's become one of the funniest pop culture moments of 2024.

This Jonas Brothers x Bluey intro is everything!

Whether you're someone whose kids watch Bluey or you're a Jonas Brothers fan, there is no denying how cool this is. Even so, the band didn't do this without some ulterior motives as shared via an interview with the brothers.

Kevin, Nick, and Joe are all girl dads with Joe and Nick's kids being younger so of course, they're fans of Bluey. I'm sure that played a large role in the band releasing this. Plus it's just a lot of fun as Bluey has fans of all ages just like the Jonas Brothers.

In an interview, the band shared that the entire family loves Bluey and Kevin's daughters even wanted to know if he'd be going to Bluey's house. Honestly, I feel like this is such a fun connection and it truly comes full circle as Bluey airs on Disney and the Jonas Brothers used to be a part of Disney. Then again, not everyone will make that connection.

As someone who loves the Jonas Brothers and Bluey, I'm here for it. Plus it's a weird connection to my niece and nephew which I love. Either way, this Bluey x Jonas Brothers collab is so fun and something that made 2024 just a bit brighter.

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