Is your Easter lamb roast safe for your dog to eat?

People attend the Annual Easter parade in New York
People attend the Annual Easter parade in New York / VIEW press/GettyImages

Easter can mean a lot of things to different people. For some of us, it can mean egg hunts and baskets of chocolates. For others, it could mean a delicious meal with family and friends. And if you are a pet parent, it can also mean being on the lookout for hidden and not so hidden dangers.

If you happen to be serving a lamb roast, there may be one big question on your mind. And that is whether or not your dog can eat a piece of the lamb from your Easter meal.

As Pure Pet Food explains, yes, our dogs can eat lamb. However, there are some restrictions to this. If your dog has liver disease, or a problem with their kidneys, it is not recommended that they eat raw lamb meat. Also dogs should not be eating lamb fat.

When we are talking about an actual lamb roast, we are usually talking about meat that has been seasoned. And that means your dog should not be eating this meat. The reason our dog should not be eating the Easter lamb roast is because the seasonings can be bad for dogs. Depending on what you are using to add flavor to the meat, you could be adding things like garlic, onions, salt, and more, which are all bad for our dogs. Not only can it be toxic, but it can upset their stomach and cause problems, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and even potentially problems with their kidneys.

While lamb in general might be a more dog friendly meat, once you add seasonings and flavors for the humans, it is no longer safe for our pets to eat. So, unless your Easter lamb roast is completely unseasoned, we recommend not giving even a bite to your pet. Instead, you might want to choose a different treat to give them.

Does it surprise you that the lamb roast might be a bad idea for your dog? What will you be giving your dog as a treat on Easter Sunday instead?

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