Is there a Bluey Valentine's Day episode? (2024)

Does Bluey even celebrate Valentine's Day? We're here to find out.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image Credit to Disney/Disney+. /

Bluey recently released a plethora of new episodes and everyone can rejoice. We're finally getting more Bluey content in the US.

Since Bluey is set in Australia, a lot of American customs aren't featured in the show. One holiday I've been curious about is Valentine's Day. It's clear Valentine's Day is a hugely popular holiday in America but is it celebrated in Australia?

If it is, is there a Bluey episode centered around Valentine's Day? Sadly, there isn't a Valentine's Day-themed episode of Bluey. That's due in large part to Australia not really celebrating Valentine's Day, which makes sense.

Even so, there is one aspect of Bluey I have to point out that lends itself very well to anyone looking for some Valentine's Day content.

No Bluey Valentine's Day episode? No problem!

As mentioned, the lack of a Bluey Valentine's Day episode is sad. Regardless, there are plenty of great lovey-dovey moments on Bluey. Frankly, I think the best romantic moments are the ones between Bingo and Bluey's mom and dad: Chili and Bandit. It's clear these two are still very much in love and have a lot of fun being parents.

Regardless, the series isn't afraid to showcase the love between Bandit and Chili. The two are often seen doing things together, having some alone time, or even, just being lovely towards each other. It is incredibly refreshing as some other animated couples aren't so nice. Either way, it's just so sweet.

One of my favorite episodes with Bandit and Chili is Season 2's "The Show." The episode follows the kids trying to celebrate Mother's Day with Chili but things aren't going right. They end up putting on a play of how Bandit and Chili met and it's clear the two parents got a kick out of it. Honestly, it's such an underrated episode of the series.

Which Bluey episodes are you going to stream on Valentine's Day? Share with us in the comments!

Bluey is returning with more new episodes in 2024. Bluey is returning with more new episodes in 2024. dark. Next