Is the Australian Shepherd a good dog for families?

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I am a big fan of the Australian Shepherd. Every time I see one of these fluffy cuties, I want to bring them home with me. But the problem is that I don't know a lot about this dog breed, beyond the fact that they are mostly associated with cowboys and herding.

Part of the appeal is that these dogs are generally not the largest dogs out there, with an average weight between 40 and 65 pounds (the lower end of the scale is the females of the breed). And of course, the fact that they are super fluffy is a plus in my book, even with the possibility of having to vacuum every day.

But I really wanted to learn more about the Australian Shepherd to figure out what type of a pet they might be and if they would be good with families. It turns out that these dogs are actually excellent with children, although their high energy levels are not for people who are inactive.

The Australian Shepherd could be a great family dog

As the American Kennel Club explains, "Aussies exhibit an irresistible impulse to herd, anything: birds, dogs, kids. This strong work drive can make Aussies too much dog for a sedentary pet owner. Aussies are remarkably intelligent, quite capable of hoodwinking an unsuspecting novice owner. In short, this isn't the pet for everyone. But if you're looking for a brainy, tireless, and trainable partner for work or sport, your search might end here."

In short, this dog is not going to be for everyone, but they could be perfect for families that have a lot of energy or if you have kids who would have no problem playing with their dog quite often. Honestly, if you are an active person who wants a canine companion with you, the Australian Shepherd could be the perfect pup for you.

Although the Australian Shepherd is super cute, it is their ability to be affectionate with their owners, as well as great with kids, that makes this a good choice for families. At the same time, these dogs are also relatively good with other dogs, which is also a bonus if you are thinking about being a two dog household.

We love these pups and we think they might be a great fit for so many different families.

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