Here are some potty training tips from Pet Genie

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When bringing home a new puppy, there is likely one thing that is at the forefront of your mind beyond how cute your new furry friend is. And that would be how am I going to potty train my newest family member!

Recently we here at Dog O'Day talked about some of the mistakes that pet parents are making when they are trying to potty train their new puppies. And while it is always important to know what mistakes we may be making, it is equally important to have tips and tricks to make things easier.

Thankfully the experts at Pet Genie, the pet waste disposal system that traps in all those messy odors, have three tips that they think will make life easier for new puppy parents.

3 potty training tips from the experts at Pet Genie

Routine is important! The first tip that the Pet Genie experts had for puppy parents looking to potty train their new pup is to "establish a routine." A consistent routine when it comes to going to the bathroom is the key to success when it comes to helping a puppy understand that they need to go to the bathroom outside. And the brand points out, "when starting with pee-pee pads, choose a spot in the home away from their sleeping and eating areas - using a Pet Genie Pail will make cleanup a breeze as they transition outdoors and even after."

Tip number two is to make sure you are using positive reinforcement. It is important to reward your pup for successful potty breaks. Whether you are using treats, pets, or praise, a reward is the best way to indicate to a puppy that they are doing things right when it comes to things like going to the bathroom on pee pads or even when they do their business outside. This positive reinforcement will make it clear that this the behavior you want to see.

The final potty training tip from Pet Genie is to "be patient." As we mentioned in the mistakes pet parents are making when potty training, it is imperative that we are patient and loving even when accidents happen. It can take weeks to train a puppy and those weeks can be filled with mistakes and accidents. Patience is the real key to success no matter what you are doing. You don't want to create bathroom anxiety for your pup and instead you want them to know that even when an accident happens, you love them anyway.

Being a pet parent can be hard, but it is also rewarding. And potty training is definitely a challenge that can be hard on both you and your pet. Luckily, with these tips you may be able to eliminate some of that stress and anxiety.

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