Have you seen the Lisa Frank x Loungefly pieces featuring the colorful Dalmatians?

FunKon Loungefly Fashion Night
FunKon Loungefly Fashion Night / Stefanie Keenan/GettyImages

If you grew up in the 90s, then Lisa Frank was probably a big part of your life. The designs seemed like they were everywhere. And yet, we can't get enough of them even now. So when Loungefly dropped a Lisa Frank collection, we were obsessed.

Not only do the pieces pop with psychedelic colors and designs, but it screams nostalgia. However, our favorite pieces in the collection have to be the ones featuring the colorful Dalmatians! In fact, in their March Blog Post, Loungefly even revealed that they are giving us even more Lisa Frank goodness, and yes the Dalmatians are sticking around.

Specifically, they seem to have added a must-have crossbody to their Lisa Frank inspired offerings. And in the blog post, they break down the beauty for anyone looking to add something new to their collection.

"Sparkles + holo = everything we’ve ever wanted for festival season. The top flap of this crossbody is in two parts: one has a glittery blue background with Markie the unicorn and the other has a glittery pink background with the Dalmatians Spotty & Dotty.

Lift the flaps to reveal a rainbow against a two-toned blue and green background. Turn the bag around to find Panda Painter and Angel Kitty on the sides and Hollywood Bear and Zoomer & Zorbit on the back. "

Loungefly Blog Post

Loungefly let's us share our love for Lisa Frank with the magic of colorful Dalmatians

Obviously, there is more to the Lisa Frank x Loungefly collection than the Dalmatians. There is also an angel kitty keychain, a mini backpack with the Dalmatians and unicorn on it, and even the iconic tiger on a mini backpack. They even have a ziper pouch with what they call a sticker print that features a wide range of characters (dogs, cats, bears, aliens, and more) that were all given the Lisa Frank treatment.

Honestly, we love everything about this collection. There are tons of colors and plenty of shimmer and glitter. We are seriously thinking of snagging the crossbody with Spotty and Dotty on it at the very least!

What do you think of this collection from Loungefly? Are these must have pieces for you? Are you a fan of our colorful Lisa Frank Dalmatians?

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