From Overweight To Overjoyed: How A Golden Retriever's Weight Loss Saved Its Life

One golden retriever found a new happy home, after being abandoned on the streets, left for an unfortunate fate.
Golden retriever puppy
Golden retriever puppy / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Frannie the Golden Retriever was saved with the generosity of a vet student who saw a need for the ailing companion. Unable to walk, or stand on her own, it was looking to be a bleak outlook for Frannie. But luckily being the roommate of a TikTok user allowed us to glimpse into the journey of recovery.

Originally rescued by Rover's Retreat Home, Annika adopted the 8-year, 125 pound Golden Retriever and brought her home and elected to walk her through the long rehab and weight loss process. As part of the journey that we were able to see thanks to @proudmilkdrinker, Frannie needed a lot of walking support when she first came home. Unable to walk on her own a lot of love and care was poured in to ensure that she would be able to walk on her own again.

The help of an assisting harness came to good use, as a support aid in her walking ability which was initially a strenuous process for Frannie. However, after a nearly three week journey, and 20 pound weight loss process, she is able to take steps unassisted and is continually taking longer strides which will amount to longer walks soon!

From living outside and nearly having to be put down, Frannie's story shows just how important care and exercise is for any dog, especially a Golden Retriever. Watching the TikTok video, you can almost watch her gain the energy of life back with the increased attention and needed activity in her life.

With continued assistance in this process, her current online following is eager to continue to cheer her on! Playing catch is looking to become a go-to activity for the Golden Retriever in her new home. The current crowd favorite is able to walk completely on her own, and is honestly looking eager to go at full stride sooner rather than later!

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