EverRoot and Laila Ali teamed up to give pets a new line of supplements

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In December 2023, news broke that Laila Ali and EverRoot had teamed up to introduce a new line of supplements for our pets. The new EverRoot Dog Supplements Soft Chews come in a variety of options to help with any number of health concerns.

Not only did we have a chance to chat with Ali about the partnership at the time, but we decided we wanted to give these soft chew supplements a try for ourselves. Thanks to the fact that these soft chews are available on Chewy, we were able to snag two that we thought would be beneficial for our staff pup.

For us, it was just as important to hear from Laila Ali and EverRoot as it was to try these for ourselves. And I have to say that our staff pup was actually a fan of these soft chews. While she is typically a picky pup, who will turn away from any number of flavor profiles, in this case she was more than willing to snag one of these as if she was getting a treat.

The new EverRoot Dog Supplements Soft Chews are a win with even picky pups

Knowing that our dog was a fan of these supplements was enough to has us excited to see what else EverRoot has in store for us, but at the same time we really wanted to know why Laila Ali decided to partner with the brand as well. So we asked her!

"Well, I love EverRoot as a brand in terms of just what they've created with the soft chews. For my dogs they are perfect. I have two dogs. I have a Cane Corso and Italian Mastiff who is 140 pounds and he's 10 years old. I also have Malibu which is a Frenchie, and she's two years old, she's 25 pounds and so they both have different needs. And you know, I have a lot on my plate and just being a busy mom with two kids and my husband and myself and I'm always trying to watch everybody's wellness routine and the dogs are part of the family. So being that I have what I need in some soft chews that my dogs absolutely love, it really makes my life a lot easier. So that's what I love about about EverRoot, more about the product just the ingredients being that they're non GMO, they're pure. I understand all the ingredients that are in the soft chews. And you know, the dogs love them. When I give it to them it's like they're having a treat."

Laila Ali

And considering how our own pup reacted to these soft chews, it makes perfect sense. Not only that, but like Ali said, these chews offer high quality ingredients that we can't resist and our dog isn't complaining about.

When you have a picky pup, supplements can sometimes be a challenge. However, luckily for us, EverRoot seems to know what our pups like and they deliver.

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