Cheez-It and Bocce's drop an April Fool's item our pups need

Did you see the "newest" item from Cheez-It and Bocce's for April Fool's Day?

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When it comes to April Fool's Day, a lot of brands decide to go in and create some wacky products but Cheez-It and Bocce's did the opposite.

To celebrate the holiday for pranksters, Bocce's Bakery and Cheez-It teamed up to show off their offering for 2024. Oddly enough, it was not as wild as some might think as it was Cheez-It-flavored biscuts for your favorite pup.

We're going to include the post below but once you see it, you'll realize that it doesn't seem fake at all. If anything, the comments under the post prove that people are wanting something like that for their favorite pup. Frankly, who can blame them when Cheez-Its are already so good?

Making a version in collaboration with Bocce's Bakery would only increase sales and hopefully, play into an entirely new target audience.

See the Bocce's x Cheez-It April Fool's prank for 2024.

As you can see, the post features a box of Cheez-It dog biscuits from Bocce's. At the end of the post, you can see that the question was posted:"should we make it?!" Let me just save you the time and let you know that there were so many comments of "pups" and people wanting these biscuit to be made.

In a way, it feels like this April Fool's Day backfired in the best way. Everyone was so confused about trying to get them or wanting them to be real that the brands might be working on it. Either way, I think this is one of those April Fool's pranks that might have been in the works but the two brands wanted to test out the waters. Maybe it's not true, but I think Bocce's Bakery and Cheez-It knew that this was going to be a hit.

Whether you're a pet parent sick of sharing your snacks or want to give your pups a cheesy treat, then make sure to share your thoughts below the Instagram post. Maybe with enough support, the two brands will take it seriously and decide to produce it. Until then, you'll just have to pay the cheese tax to your favorite furry friend.

Would you purchase the Bocce's Cheez-It Biscuits? Let us know your thoughts!

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