CESAR is helping to make workplaces more pet-friendly with new grant program

CESAR Canine Cuisine is giving back to its consumers by helping more workplaces become pet-friendly via a new grant program.

Mars Petcare's CESAR Awards $75K in Grants to Help Businesses Go Dog-Friendly. Image Credit to CESAR/EOA Architects.
Mars Petcare's CESAR Awards $75K in Grants to Help Businesses Go Dog-Friendly. Image Credit to CESAR/EOA Architects. /

Everyone loves to feel comfortable including your dogs. That’s why this recent grant program from CESAR is so exciting.

While the brand is known by its first name, it’s actually CESAR Canine Cuisine and the brand recently announced a grant program to allow more dog-friendly workplaces. Sounds like a great way to help your pup beat the COVID blues.

Those who worked from home during COVID-19 know how amazing it was to be able to snuggle and spend time with your dogs throughout the day. Now that you’re back in the office, things are much more cuddly and more about being productive.

Whether you buy the brand for your pup or not, this is something to be excited about and hopefully, we’ll see a push for more in the new year.

Which businesses were given this workplace grant from CESAR?

While it’s clear dogs are a great way to boost morale, the main question is which businesses were given this grant and what are they using it for. Thankfully, the press release from the brand lays out everything so I wanted to share that so you could see if your workplace is included and what strides are being made.

First is Center 616 which is using its grant to add more pet-friendly amenities including doggy waste bags and even doggie accessories featuring the company’s name. Next is Compeer Buffalo which will be bringing in dogs for the first time ever and is creating “Canine-Assisted Wellness Zones” which are fit for dogs and employees.

Moving on to EOA Architects, they’re already doing a Pet-Friendly Friday but will allow for more pet-friendly events and even implement a leash color-coding system for better understanding. Five Ton Monkey will continue to allow pets in the office along with creating new policies, and safety measures and adding some onsite pet care areas.

Laura U Design Collective is going above and beyond for its furry friends by adding dog beds, water fountains, leash hooks and even introducing a workplace pet parent campaign. As for MAS-HVAC, the company is implementing its new pet policy in 2024 and will add dog beds, water fountains, leash hooks, and signage to let all employees know they’re pet-friendly among other items.

As for the Northwood Office, they’ll implement a dog-friendly workplace with new policies and amenities. The Pottstown Area Economic Development is going to be accommodating more pets and is adding more signage and amenities for those with a doggy deskmate. Lastly, Smith Gee Studio is adding more doggy amenities including beds, blankets, and on-site waste stations along with more policies and signage to share that the company is dog-friendly.

Honestly, I think this is such a great idea especially if you’re working in an office. Some places can’t implement the same policies. Regardless, it’s nice to see companies putting these grants towards good things and making sure their furry friends are taken care of while at work with their pet parents.

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