A set of Magenta Inc. mugs are heading to Publix with iconic Peanuts characters

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When it comes to iconic characters, the Peanuts gang of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock, and more are definitely at the top of all of our lists. We tune in to their holiday specials whenever they are available, we are always on the lookout for their inclusion in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and basically anytime merchandise is released featuring characters from Peanuts, we are on the lookout for it.

So it probably comes a no surprise that as soon as we saw a post from Magenta Inc. about an upcoming set of Peanuts mugs for Valentine’s Day, we needed to check it out. In a sneak peek post shared to Instagram, we got to see some exciting news that has us ready to head to the closest Publix store in January.

According to the caption of the post, new Peanuts mugs inspired by the iconic Snoopy SMAK (it’s the sound his kiss makes if you didn’t know) are coming this January, although the exact date is not mentioned. And yes, this is a set of Valentine’s mugs, which actually makes them a great gift option.

New Magenta Inc. mugs for Valentine’s Day featuring Peanuts characters are heading to Publix

For anyone unfamiliar, Magenta Inc. is also the company that gives us Rae Dunn mugs. And while we are not sure if these are actually going to be Rae Dunn mugs, the mugs that are shown in the picture that was included in the post definitely look like they will be an amazing quality of ceramic.

The pictures show us two different mugs both featuring Snoopy giving a SMAK to his people. Not only do we get him giving a sweet kiss to Charlie Brown, but there is also a scene with him laying on his iconic red dog house and leaning down to give Lucy a kiss to the nose. Both images are iconic and adorable and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Not only are these mugs a must have for Peanuts fans, but they could also be a sweet gift for a friend or loved one! I know I want one of these mugs and I can’t imagine not snagging them both just in case.

Take a peek at the Peanuts inspired mugs coming to Publix here:

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